Owner/ Head Instructor

Professor Heath’s vision is to provide a complete martial arts fitness facility for the newest white belt to the professional martial arts athlete."I just want to build a cool place where people can meet up and practice Jiujitsu with their friends. I've learned a lot of life changing lessons from this art, and I want to pass that on to the next generation."  ​

Heath is an avid martial arts competitor, currently ranked as a BJJ Revolution Team Black Belt under Tim Credeur and Josh Artigue. Training under their tutelage since 2008, he has gained experience both competing and coaching in Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

In addition to teaching martial arts, he also has a local wrestling pedigree from Acadiana High School (class of ’05). Not long after graduating, Heath found himself back on the Wrecking Rams’ mats, this time as a Coach. While leading the AHS Wrestling Program from 2009-2016 he produced the first Division I state champion in 21 years, along with several other podium finishers. 

"I'm bringing the BJJ Revolution Team and Carlson Gracie legacy back to the flourishing town of Scott where it all started for me. I can't wait to meet y'all on the mats!"